Hickson Wharves

Hickson Wharves

Luckily the weather eased and I joined Matt for another very early trundle into the city. Small extension across Cahill Expressway brought the total to 10km. Pace around 5 min/km. 

Lunch came round, heat picked up to high 20s but the humidity was the killer. The double run for the day was with HuRTS down to Hickson Wharves. Terrible terrible cross-winds on the return as we wound around the piers. I had to drop off after 14km, but by that time my daily total was pretty alarming at 24km… Monday’s used to be a rest or recovery day, but no longer.

Also over the last 4 days, I’ve been recording my resting heart rate (RHR) vs daily mileage. Something I’ve never done before, but looking for a flag for when a rest day is needed.

RHR vs daily mileage

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