Hiking Tassie

Hiking Tassie

Thursday – Swansea farmland

Out at the crack of dawn for my last chance to explore Swansea. Did a lazy 12km south of the sleepy town. Hit several dead ends, found a few little hills and applied corresponding surges. Left foot felt a little funny again. Hence the low mileage day.

12km all up at 5:35 min/km.

Friday – Launceston Cataract Gorcge and Cradle Mountain

First observation in Launceston is this is one bloody hilly town. Today’s run started along the pier walkway before diving straight into the trails of Cataract Gorge.


Found a track to a hydro power station saying ‘2.5 hours return’. After many stairs, rocks and hills I found my way back in 35 min. 500m elevation change over 17km.

Cradle Mountain – Dove Lake walk

Did the double by driving out to Cradle Mountain with Lorie and strolling around Dove Lake. Tempting to have a go at climbing Cradle Mountain itself, but not fair to the missus. The 8 hour full day walk might still take me 2 hours.

Saturday – Launceston hills

Last full day in Launceston and I ran southwards into many unknown hills. The 300m elevation change felt a lot worse. Got back having covered 12km at 5:30 min/km.

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