Hilly Double Commute plus Bricks

Hilly Double Commute plus Bricks

Walked outside and classically observed the dark grey clouds with the thought ‘I’ve got a short window here to ride“. Too many times I’ve done this and it always ends the same way.

So there I was, honest guy riding his bike through Cremorne when the heavens opened up. This really tends to scare me. By the time I got to work I may as well have just gotten out of the pool.

Decided against joining the HuRTs MLR in my better judgement. Foot feels OK walking around but yesterday really was a big session – covered 25km of which 12km was at speed.

Got held back at work, but slapped on the drenched cycle clothes and rode 12km home. Thought I’d be clever and detour through Northbridge. This adds a nice little incline from the Sandstone Bridge.

Once getting home, thought I’d do a mini bricks session. Jumped off the bike, jogged a few km to space out 6 sets of 15 push-ups. This was more around putting some effort into something that doesn’t involve legs.

Life lesson learnt when I walked through the door – do not ever keep the wife waiting. Lorie was a tad worried I had become the latest roadkill. Fair enough.

Daily total – 19km cycling, a mini bricks session off the bike and 90 push-ups.

Foot feels fine!

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