Hobart Coastlines

Hobart Coastlines

Early morning recovery run tracking southwards from Hobart wharves. Much colder this far south but enjoyable nonetheless.

Hobart wharves

Got as far as University of Tasmania before turning back. Obviously no incentive to push the pace and I had to get back before 7am. 8km at a touch under 6 min/km. No harm done  but frankly legs feel a touch flat.

Coastline approaching Uni of Tasmania
Later in the afternoon I felt compelled to explore northwards along the bike track. Got a heads up during the day from HuRTS regular Wongy who did the same run 8km out and 8km back. I went just 5km along the Cornelian trail before turning back. Another 11km at recovery pace. 
Tomorrow will be either rest or very light recovery. Depends on how I feel upon waking.

Daily summary – 19km all recovery zone.

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