Hobart – Mt Nelson Climb then Geilston Bay LR

Hobart – Mt Nelson Climb then Geilston Bay LR

Saturday – Mt Nelson

 An early flight and delayed hotel check-in … hence took to the Hobart wharves mid afternoon. Told Lorie I’d be doing 8km only. Discovered a strange trail starting at Bicentennial Park. This rapidly ascended over 2km, dumping my tiring self at Mount Nelson. Ended up on top of a hill at an oval with a sore left foot. Got lost heading back to Hobart, running down the side of the highway with no path

17km all up at 5:15 min/km

Sunday – Long Run North
Strangely sunrise is at 7am. First 30 min in darkness following the water north. Crossed a long long bridge which cars pass en route to Airport.

Tasman Bridge

Tracked the water on the opposite side with no apparent purpose. Lots of roadkill, farmlands and dead ends left me incredibly confused. Turned at 12km and traced my steps back to town. Huge winds on the return, almost got blown off the bridge.

On the bridge

25km all up in 2:15. Not too many hills in this run.

Realised this was a 110km week. Probably not a wise idea just 2 weeks after a race.

Got home to a hungry missus. We celebrated our hunger with a huge brunch at Salamanca Place. Review pending but it was excellent!

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