HuRTS 2×10 min

HuRTS 2×10 min

If you google ‘2 week taper’ one source says don’t over-taper then the next one says there’s nothing you can do to improve fitness. Just freshen-up. Even heading into my 5th 42.2km, have no idea what I should do.

Anyway, I figure a 10k/day this week with a bit of speed, then 5k/day next week with some strides seems fair.

Short Bay Ride in ice-block conditions enabled some quality photography below.

At lunch, I missed the start of the 4×10 min due to a slow 4km warm-up with Wooey. Caught the crew at Mrs Mac chair then latched onto Timmy Lindop at 3:35s for rep 1.

I moved progressively faster on rep 2 (3:25s) and rep 3 (3:20s). I basically say on the heels of Tom and Enda for the last 10 min.

Watch ran continuous but over 6-10km inclusive, splits were 3:37, 3:28, 3:32, 3:17, 3:24.

Called it a day after a measly 25 min of speed, as planned. Short 2km warm-down to make 11km all up.

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