HuRTS 2x20m Tempo

HuRTS 2x20m Tempo

Two options at the HuRTS run today:
– 2x20min at between 10kmand half marathon pace – my choice
– 5km time trial – sharpen up for JP Morgan 12 November

It was a good way to split a large group up. This is an easy week and I was happy loitering in the middle-of-the-pack. Most of the fast guys were out of sight out of mind doing the 5km TT.

Held a very cruisy 4:10 pace on the way out and had a catch up with  Biggsy (back from a cascade of injuries this year) and also passed a tired looking Sonya (feeling the impact of a 40km morning ride). Turnaround was at the Hyatt, where the 5km group added some critical mass for the return at 4 min pace. Will admit by the end, felt a little sheepish not having pushed myself.

Barts and Tommy were trying to rope me into the 5km time trial tomorrow evening. No-go for me – want to stay fresher for Striders on Saturday. Small aside – I’m told the HuRTS rule is ‘no taper allowed for Striders‘. It depends what you call a taper but I’ll run every day till then.

Run summary – 12km at 4:15 min/km pace, but that has 2km easy.

Earlier in the morning I joined Matt for an easy cycle into the city. Bike has not been serviced since I reassembled it post re-location back from Perth. It cries for a service every time I change gears.

Giant Defy 3 – needs some TLC

Finished the evening with touch footy. Pretty disappointing effort down 5-1 against a weak team. I did more than my fair share of running.

Planning an MLR with MC tomorrow, not sure what course he has in mind.

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