HuRTS 3 x 14min

HuRTS 3 x 14min

Still feeling the effects of my weekend double (14km tempo backed up by 32km LR). Quads in particular feel heavy. A bit of late morning banter from Charlie was enough to motivate me to turn-up to the HuRTS session.

Certainly hot and humid enough to make turn a 14x3min interval session from painful to very painful. Felt I was dragging around brick legs, so I ‘foxed’ in the middle for at least 10 reps. Pace was probably 3:35s and breathing well controlled. Last 2 reps I picked up to sub 3:20. By that stage the legs had warmed up (or alternatively, numb).

With the lower intensity, I used the 60s break after each rep as an effective float. Idea is to keep the HR up.

The initially huge turnaround of 40 reduced to about 10 by the end. 75% attrition.

Short cool-down around Opera House to make 17km for the run. Very happy to get through this mentally tough session. Now I have a pass to just do ‘junk’ for rest of the week.

Could barely bring myself to run home, so it was a jog/shuffle for 6km to finish the day.

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