HuRTS 45 min Fartklek

HuRTS 45 min Fartklek

With a now 6+6km run to work plus a daily run at lunch, mileage is getting out of control. Triple run Monday and again today. The key is keeping the commute at 6 min/km plus.

Today session was the 45 min HuRTS fartlek: 60s on, 30s off with a turnaround at 22.5 min. I love this session. Smaller turnaround today, many of the faster guys MIA.

Running off a heavy last two days, I decided not to follow Fats + Jonathan. Most of the 45 min was solo, but found some help in Ray for the way out. Headwinds really made it tough with no one to draft off.

Still running naked (no watch), but I probably hit 6km in 22:30 min, and covered the back half in 21:45. Some of the negative split was wind-assisted. All up 12km at 3:39 min/km average. Float was maybe 20s/km slower than the 60s ‘on’.

For comparison, last effort late September was 11.9km in 44 flat, so 3:44 min/km. Thus, today was an incremental improvement.

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