HURTS 45 Minute Progressive Tempo plus more

HURTS 45 Minute Progressive Tempo plus more

Tuesdays are easily my hardest day every week. Left bike at work over long weekend so I headed out today on foot in horribly sticky weather. A classic 8km recovery to run start the day at 6:20 min/km pace. Thought I’d take a selfie at North Sydney on the way.

At lunch I headed out to join HuRTs with Charlie. Legs felt OK but frankly the pain in the left foot still feeling suspect. Some chat about the Strider’s race last Saturday – got some grief about running a sub-par time. Apparently I need to attack harder in the first 3km.

45min progressive tempo is an interesting one – split into 3×10 min blocks plus 1×5 min, increasing pace by 10sec/km at every block. It works out to essentially be a 10 min warm-up followed by a progress move from MP to almost 5k race pace. For me starting at 4 min/km and finishing at 3:25 min/km. Turnaround at 23:15 along Hickson Road.

With the suspect foot, I tried to be discrete and join the middle pack. Unfortunately for me got pointed to the front pack with Tucks, Tom, Barts, Crossy and a few others. Struggled the whole way trying to sit on everyone’s heals. These guys are still a level above me.

On the return, we passed the main pack around the opera house (4-5km to go), suggesting the starting pace was too slow. Almost lost contact with the front with 3km to go, but did well to hang on. Finished with 70s to spare. I must have faded in the last km, but by that stage I was ready to tap out.

Run summary – 11.9km at 3:48 min/km. Splits show some time around 3:25 min/km pace. Joined a smaller group on a 3km slow recovery back around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

Finished the day off with a slow cycle back home (9km) plus a touch footy game. In other words, huge day of almost every conceivable activity.

Fatigue level around 7 or 8. Need to rest up, so next two days to be mainly cycling or swimming.

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