HuRTS 45m Fartlek

HuRTS 45m Fartlek

Sydney downpour at lunch, but I love running in these conditions.

Today was a 45min Fartlek starting at Art Gallery. Never done this one, but it consist 5 reps of 3/2/1 min ‘ons’ with a 1 min off. I like it better than the 1 min on / 30 sec off as it is easier to maintain rhythm.

Big crowd today despite the rain – usual suspects upfront, really pushing the pace hard. So hard I was stranded for almost the whole run.

Got to 6.2km, about 300m past the Hickson bend before the 22.5min turnaround. Front guys Tom, Crossy and Jono must have been a good 300m ahead of me!

Started to get stomach cramps on the return, but finished strong. Importantly got back 2nd with 30 secs to spare. Was a little worried I’d be run down by the fast guys.

Per GPS watch, 12.3km in 44:30, so 3:35 min/km average. Not bad.

Battled the rain by adding another 6km running home.

Around 20km for the day, but very fresh after a rest yesterday.

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