HURTS 45min Fartlek

HURTS 45min Fartlek

First Fartlek in almost 2 years and a good wake-up call.

Joined the HURTS lunch session. It is suppose to be structured as a 1 min on (10k to half mara pace) 30 second off (mara pace) 45min session with a turnaround at 22.5 minutes.

Stuck with Enda and another two blokes I only know by face for the first half, and did a solid negative split to finish in 44:15. Looking at the splits my ‘on’ periods were around 3:25s on the return.

Overall a quality work-out and I was disciplined not to push too hard.

Throw in the cycle commute to work, an easy spin back home joined by Richard Woo (Woey) plus touch footy.

Fartklek – 11.9km in 44:10, average pace 3:42 plus 2km jog from the office return.

Next time I might extend the warm-down.

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