HuRTS 45min Progressive Tempo

HuRTS 45min Progressive Tempo

Boy has my body almost forgotten what it’s like to do a hard session in the heat. With the quads still wobbly from 10k race plus 33km LR on weekend, I had little need to push hard.

Big turnout, but from the outset I let the front group including Crossy, Tucks and Jono go and did the pacing duties for the 2nd group. 4:10s to start, moving 10s/km faster every 10 minutes.

I kept the pacing honest to the turnaround. At this stage I was fully farmed up, ditched the group and surged on the return. Good job to Jamie for keeping pace on the back half.

Last 15 min was around 3:30s, so I was 85s too early. To make amends, I did a mini-out and back until the clock hit 45 min.  

Happy to be the first to return. Surging the last uphill segment is as fun as going to the dentist.

All up 11.6k at 3:54 min/km. Surprised how slow my last splits were, felt a lot more painful.

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