HuRTS 4x3min

HuRTS 4x3min

Out with the crew around Farm Cove today for the 14×3 min intervals. The turnout was huge but a broad mix of those per usual Tuesday runs and maybe 10-15 doing Gold Coast (full, half or 10km). Tom organised some strange 7,5,3 to which I had little idea nor any interest to try.

Consulted with the likes of CT, Birchy, Sonya and Maca and landed on 4 reps being the ‘right‘ number. Held the pace at a somewhat clinic 3:35 for each rep on 3 min cycles. After #4 I felt I had only just started. O well.

Watch says 3.4km in 12:40 at 3:45 min/ave average.

With the 1.5km warm-up and 1.5km warm-down, total session was 6km.

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