HuRTS 5x5min Farm Cove

HuRTS 5x5min Farm Cove

Cracking Spring-like weather saw a huge turnout for the 8x5min intervals at the Opera House Gates. This is a good session for 10k/21k training.

No sign of Tom meant CT and Barts led each rep. I’m still sticking to my easy week. In effect, I eased my way through 5 reps before any real fatigue kicked in. Found good company in JFen, Fats, Macca, Lambert and a few other 34-36 min 10km runners.

Covered 7.2km in the 25 min (90s rest) at 3:29 min/km.

Splits by 1km were: 3:37, 3:35, 3:19, 3:29, 3:21, 3:25 3:33.

Used the 6th rep to warm-down at 4 min/km, before heading back to the office. Can certainly feel lingering fatigue that reinforces the need to recover this week.

11km all up for the day.

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