HURTS 8x5min Intervals

HURTS 8x5min Intervals

Tuesdays always the toughest training day.

Started the day in the saddle with an easy 8km cycle to work.

By the time midday hit, I think the temperature moved above 30 degrees. Headed down to Opera House gates to join the HURTS 8 x 5min intervals with 90s rest. HURTS sessions really are getting a huge turnout now (50+).

Not sure how to pace this one, but MC suggested the session is done at half marathon pace (for me, 3:35min/km). Essentially it involves four out and back reps of the cove, starting at Opera House Gates and ending as far as you can get in 5 minutes (for me, around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, down the ramp about 100m).

I did well to stick on the heels of Chairman Tom on the first two reps at 3:25min/km pace, but holding that pace did take its toll by the final rep. Heat was absolutely torture but overall, felt I got a lot of benefit from the session. Usual suspects up front with me including Andy Cross, Tommy and Enda.

11.8km in 40:05 (excluding rest time), average pace 3:25min/km

Finished the day off with a painfully slow cycle back to Artarmon, followed by my usual touch footy game.

Fatigue score around 8. Will look to rest tomorrow as I am experiencing some soreness under the left arch.

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