HuRTS MLR Steeplechase

HuRTS MLR Steeplechase

Saved some fuel in the tank by cycling into work and almost got blown over by a few gusts of wind around North Sydney. The true icing on the cake was on the bridge – passed by a 50yr old woman on a mountain bike in sandles. A few at work have recently suggested that I give a half IM a go – my response is why bother if I’m the only one left on the course after the bike.

Good turnout from HuRTS at lunch with the usual regulars including MC, Tommy, Renee, Tucks, Clarkey, Bruce and a few others. Got a good recap of the Willoughby 10k from Bruce plus free parenting advice. Advice noted and translated – ‘having a kid equals 10min handicap over 42km‘.

Separately, some real interest in the MiLA’s spreads business Lorie has started – great news! Thanks to everyone on that.

Also I still don’t understand how 4:30 pace is ‘recovery’. It took 5km for the legs to wake up, but by the time we hit Hickson road I was OK. For one man, the run turned into a 15km steeplechase – he hurdled a 1.3m boom gate just after the 7.5km turnaround. Incredible athleticism.

Run summary – 16km at 4:36 min/km pace. Legs felt better and better the farther I got.

Decided not to ride home. Weather simply too suspect.

Tomorrow’s 14x3min HuRTS session is a brutal one. The attrition rate is huge and most will drop off after 8 or 9 in my view.

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