HuRTS MLR to the Wharves

HuRTS MLR to the Wharves

Low motivation Monday, but I still enjoy running way too much to consider a rest day. Two legs, some time and a patch of dirt is all I need.

New norm for me is the Monday HuRTS recovery starting from Macquarie Street. I planned a shorter one and headed down to join a fairly large group (15+). Run took us through the Domain, around the Opera House and finally circling the piers along Hickson Road before the return. Legs felt better the longer I ran and I kept strides with the front that included Bruce and Ray.

I decided to back-off the pace on the return and listen to Conway nominating Enda for the underperformer of the year due to his black-out performance. Highlight was successfully hurdling the boom gate at the Hickson turnaround. This could have ended badly but stupidity and guts took the day.

I was lost in thoughts jogging around the Cove, nearing the end of the run and heard an all too familiar female shout ‘Mike‘. Turned around and saw none other than my sister, Izzy on a (very seldom) lunch-time run. I did the brotherly duties and kept her company for 2km. 5:30 pace got a touch boring, so I dropped her at the hills near the art gallery and called it a day.

Took a quick camera phone photo first of course.

Unexpected lunch encounter with sister

Run summary – 16km at 4:43 min/km.

Melbourne Cup tomorrow so there will be no speed work – good chance to rest up. I’m hungry for a PB at JP Morgan next week.

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