HuRTS Progressive Poor Man’s Tempo

HuRTS Progressive Poor Man’s Tempo

Lucky to get out in time for the HuRTS 45 min progressive tempo. Typical large turnaround with the usual suspects upfront (Tom, Barts, CT etc.). Had to let them go – it’s too soon for speed and the left foot ‘tingling’ sensation is a warning sign.

Headed out at a leisurely 4:20 pace with Steve Perry, Pete Walker and a whole bunch of others. Generally a very relaxed effort with a turnaround near the squashed car at Hickson.

On the return, I picked up the pace a little only motivated by the need NOT to be overtaken. Success achieved and I returned in 44 min. Pat on the back for turning this from a ‘cruise’ to a ‘poor man’s speed’ – two hill surges and 3:35s to finish.

11.1km all up at 4:00 min/km. Add 2km for warm-up and warm-down.

Given I had also run 6km to work, I tried catching the bus home…what an embarrassingly slow trip.

19km for the day.

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