HuRTS Progressive Tempo

HuRTS Progressive Tempo

Always a tough session but a good chance to work on a strong finish at 3:30 type pace. Very large front group for 3km to the Opera House before this fractured into maybe 6 and 6. Could have easily been up front, but decided to hang back with Macca, Mike L, Enda, Steve and Jerome till the turnaround (under the Hickson bridge).

First 10min at 4:00s, second at 3:50s and third onwards I lost structure and reverted to running by feel. Pleased I finished strong, felt OK and held the pace on the hills. Outsprinted only by Barts in the last 10m. Now I know how Tommy feels.

First 3kms – 3:59, 4:03, 4:02 ….
Next 3km – 3:49, 3:50, 3:58 (turnaround) …
Then mara pace – 3:32, 3:33, 3:29, 3:32, 3:28, 3:30 (700m)

11.7km in 43:48, 3:45 min/km ave. pace

Looking to cut the junk out next few weeks.

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