HuRTS Pyrmont MLR

HuRTS Pyrmont MLR

Small group of around 10 at the HuRTS mid-week MLR.

Group split straight down the middle instantly – Enda, Crossy were way too aggressive for a ‘recovery’ run. I stuck with MC and two Jonathans: a South Africa bloke and another seasoned ultra runner who spent the first 4km giving me the run down on the best trail ultras around.

Some pretty good ideas – Six Foot, North Face, Kep (over the ditch), Mt Solitary and a few others I can’t quite remember. It has got me thinking, I’d like to do two next year.

Pace was an uncomfortable 4:40 min/km. I really don’t like base building at faster than 5 min/km. No point unless it’s a structured workout. Run took us around Hickson wharves before circling Darling Harbour and Pyrmont. Good, flat run with views of Balmain East across the water. Saying that, I did not enjoy today and was happy to throw the towel in at 14km. Mild foot pains and tight hips – really should NOT be happening on such an easy week.

Small aside – I’ve now dusted off the foam roller and putting it to use. Cycling is really causing issues to the ITB and my experience has been (i) swimming helps, (ii) rolling helps even more. .

Grid foam roller – answer to  ITB issues 

Next two days will be even easier… priority is consolidate on last 3 weeks of training and ensure I am OK for Saturday.

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