HuRTS Rushcutters 6x1km

HuRTS Rushcutters 6x1km

For the first time since SMH, I rolled out of best and legs felt fresh.

Back of my mind I wanted to do some speed (today or maybe Saturday). Kicked off the am with 8km jog to work at 5:30 pace.

For breakfast I revisited Bowery Lane at Wintergarden. The pulled pork hash was just fantastic. Extra egg and mushrooms is a must. Highly recommend. Deep regrets for the lunch run that followed.

Bowery Lane – Harlem Hash with extra egg and mushroom

Email goes out re 6 x 1km intervals at Rushcutters; sounded reasonable. Could be 5 weeks since I’ve done an interval session. The plan was to do this easy as I’ve been struggling with a cold and boy that breakfast was heavy (i.e. big stitch). Big turnout maybe 20 all-up.

Took the shoes off and really eased into the pace with the front guys. The reps run in 5 min cycles so there is a good 2 min rest in between.

Best I could hope for was sticking to the likes of Tom, Barts, Tucks and J’OL on the first 4 or 5 reps. The last one is a bit of a FFA but I held sub 3 pace and was only bested by Tom.

The splits were progressively faster, my guess (watch GPS keeps skipping):

– 3:10, then 3 at 3:05s then sub 3

Sort of a break-through session for me. Felt fresh after rep 6 and could have done more. Need to do more of this when the body permits. There is my speed done for the month.

Big day as I felt so good I ran home. Around 26km covered.

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