HuRTS Rushcutters Oval

HuRTS Rushcutters Oval

Again I’ve failed at keeping the mileage low. Early morning text from Matt asking for some run company into the city – had to oblige at a pace that is slightly-faster-than-recovery for 9km all up.

I was looking for an excuse NOT to ride – lower back is really killing me after 2 days of easy cycling. Must be really bike unfit and/or need a proper adjustment to my bike position.

Headed out at lunch with HuRTS. Normally I avoid Thursdays like the plague as short speed work does not suit me well. Session was 7x400m at Rushcutters then 3km tempo.

Again struggling with motivation so I stuck at the back for the 400s, maybe at 82s per rep. I did put a bit more of a committed effort in the 3km tempo and ran with Enda and MC. Came in at 10:26 for 3km, so a touch under 3:30. Felt better and better the longer I went.

Again running naked (no watch), but probably did 21km for the day.

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