HuRTS Rushcutters

HuRTS Rushcutters

A make-shift speed session today where I came away feeling strong.

Started bang on noon at Maccas CQ with Wongy, providing a good 6km warm-up around Farm Cove and Potts Point down to Rushcutters. A good crowd turned up to the oval for some 8x800m intervals.

Broadly split into 3 groups with a planned 2 min rest. Up front was Thurston, Quentin, JFen, Crossy and a few others running sub-3 min pace. I ran on their cycle but persisted with a slower 3:20s, moving to 3:10s by the 6th rep. Wanted to train closer to half mara or mara pace rather than lactic. This meant I was on my own each double lap.

Called it a day at rep 6 before any signs of fatigue kicked in. Sensible I’d say.

The km splits were 3:20, 3:18, 3:16, 3:11 and 3:10 with 3:15 min/km ave. pace.

After a 3km jog back with M Race, I actually felt fresher.

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