HuRTS Wharves Recovery

HuRTS Wharves Recovery

Fairly uneventful day and feeling remarkably fresh despite racing yesterday.

Slow morning recovery 8km to work as usual. At lunch I joined HuRTS – much smaller group today for option B: wharves recovery run. Makes sense as you’d be silly doing race + speed back to back.

Energy and quads felt fine, some mild pain again under my left foot after the run. I dropped off at 12km as by that stage, I had basically done 20km for the day. Most of the chat was how ridiculously well everyone went at the JP Morgan run. Must be the good conditions plus solid training everyone has been putting in.

Very frustrating afternoon – found out my MiLA’s courier had broken half the spreads to be sent to Conway for the HuRTS people that have ordered. Apparently made a mess everywhere and I feel really bad over this …

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