Big big fail from the GP.

I’m anemic with very low iron – possibly explains my recent flatness / fatigue. Add to the mix high cholesterol too. Obviously I take this all with a grain of salt. Doubt the GP I saw has many other runner patients.

Anyway, hard to do much today with the wind and rain. Caught up with Jono L for a lunch recovery. 6 weeks ago Jono was explaining his plan to go from 10km to 90km per week within a 3 weeks. I said “that’s the perfect recipe for shin splints”. Well guess what, he’s now blessed with shin splints and could only do 5km today.

I kicked on a little and covered 9km. Course was Hickson Wharves, then later around Observatory Hill. Had to cut it short as the weather was making life pretty miserable.

Saw a window of clearness in the evening and took my chances with a 9km jog home. Got to North Sydney before the heavens opened up. At least I got a free shower out of it…

18km for the day

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