Keeping it Above the Belt

Keeping it Above the Belt

I’ve been heavily neglecting upper body and core work, unless you count my scrappy Sunday swim routine. It’s not something you can get away with at 120km consistent mileage. For me, tight ITB (right), sore hammy (left) and generally tired quads from yesterday’s MLR. 
10×10 push-ups with 8k recovery
Decided to mix it up today. The 8km run to work consisted stopping at 800m increments, moving to the side of the pavement for 10 poorly-formed push-ups. Poor excuse for cross-training but better than nothing. 
1.6km freestyle 
Wooey pitched a North Sydney pool session at lunch (rather than my planned run). Weather had turned for the better and combined with tight hips, I swayed. Easy 3km across the bridge followed by 35 min (1.6km) freestyle which did wonders for the legs. Lap lanes were pretty empty, but better than the overly crowded A.B.C pool in the city. 
I always struggle to run out of the pool and almost fell stumbling over the exit stairs. Seems to be both disorientation and calves that feel at risk of cramping. A rare bragging right in the pool, but I think I got Wooey covered for now. 
MiLA’S manual labour 
Got home and had to move my weight in almonds and coconut to the car. Need to make a lot more being so short on inventory. Thanks really to HuRTS this week who seem to love it. Strained my back lifting the goods and subsequently realised desk-jobs suit me better. Need to ask the boss (aka wife) if I’m covered by workers comp.  
Almonds and coconut equal to my weight – not cut out for this

Ad-hoc 7km recovery
Drove out to the in-laws at Kellville for dinner. Got dragged (somewhat enthusiastically though) for a pre-dinner trundle around the area. To be fair it was hard to pass up. I always try to join the misses when she runs; company trumps solo.

Daily summary – 20km running split across 4 runs, 1.6km swimming, 100-push-ups 

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