Kellyville MLR

Kellyville MLR

So I actually ‘walked’ out of yesterday’s massage from KM feeling like magic. Given he’s run 6FT many times and had already seen a few from last weekend, he knew exactly where to work on – hip flexors, knots in both calves, tight quads. Nothing too serious thankfully.

At the time, 20 min of considerable elbow-to-quads left me somewhat disenchanted with the idea of paying $$$ for pain. Nonetheless, it’s all for the best.

Being at the in-laws, I felt strong enough for an easy 20km around Kellyville. Streets are flat, quiet and uninterrupted. Maintained a 5:15ish pace, tracking up Windsor Road before venturing into Norwest and later Castle Hill.

Perhaps a bit too early to be ramping up again, but felt great nontheless.

90km all up for the week. Pretty solid.

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