Kicking Off the Cut Back Week

Kicking Off the Cut Back Week

Body still recovering from a pretty taxing weekend. Had a quick check of the great ‘bubble’ activity chart from Strava. I realised since (half) coming back from a PF-induced injury break, I have strung together 5 weeks of 100km plus.

Most of the advice I have received (including Charlie at work today) suggest even with progressive training a cut-back week should be scheduled every four or five weeks.

Could I be at risk of over-training syndrome? Let’s take a look:

  • Muscle and joint pain (tick to the left foot and hamstring tendon)
  • General tiredness (tick, although I have been hit with a cold)
  • Loss of enthusiasm for running (cross, still love it!)
  • Poor sleep (cross, out like a light after 9:30pm)
  • Drop in performance (cross, doing well in speed sessions but have not raced)
  • Moodiness (tick, but that’s a personality flaw)
Seems the biggest indicator is injury risk. This week I’ll look to cut-back by 25-30%, implying a cap of 80km. Striders Homebush on Saturday is still a possibility. 

So today I ventured out early morning into a warm spring day and did a very easy 8km across the harbour bridge. Trying to add some imagery to the blog so I took the below photo at Milsons Point.

After work I substituted the usual commute back home with a 3km jog to North Sydney Pool and 2.2km freestyle, medium intensity. Happy to be joined by Richard Woo (Woey) from work for this one.  Legs were in deep need of a pool session and I was certainly glad I made the effort. First swim in 2 weeks and I am sure the shoulders will be a touch sore tomorrow.

Will look to rest up ahead of a tough 8x5min HURTS session tomorrow in sweltering heat.

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