Long Run to the Hill

Long Run to the Hill

8 days since my last LR and whether I’m in Sydney or in Asia, it is not negotiable despite:

– the Malaysian curry diet 

– blinder corners and no foot paths

– sweat loss of 1-2L per hour

Anyway, these are not insurmountable despite the best efforts of logic and Lorie to convince otherwise. Headed east along the main road, moving quickly at 4.40s and well destracted by sights, sounds etc. Ran past a Tesco at 8k, then hooked right about 4 KFCs later – I think the Colonel is a national hero. Past a girls high School then to the foothills of Penang Hill. 

The Hill itself is a steady climb to 750m on a 4-5k road. By then I was at 13k, 5pc lighter and already fearful of the return leg. Spent a regrettable 700m jogging then walking up the first bit (180m incline) and then gave up. Too hard!

Turned back, tried to re relax the mind and settled into the same steady 4.40s back home. This went by pretty quickly which was nice. The big win was not being roadkill during peak hour. A little extra out and back near the hotel got me to the goal distance. I sensed in the final 2k  last night’s fried noodle was not cooperating with my insides. Such is life.

Got back just fine although I reckon I lost 3L in fluid. Lucky I am fairly used to this sort of dehydration.

30k at 4.45s. One of the tougher LR options but proof it is possible.

Here is Trinity at breakfast with a giant turtle.

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