Lots of Base

Lots of Base

Monday – LR via Lane Cove

With the folks back in town, I decided half way through a morning Bay Run recovery to head over to Artarmon for an overdue visit. For me of course, this means via foot (not car). Covered exactly 21.1km crossing Gladesville Bride then some back streets through Lane Cove.

The perfect half distance was completed via bizarre-looking zig-zagging outside the house. Simply wanted to complete the Strava Half Marathon challenge for April.

Tuesday – Rushcutters

What started as a pretty mild ‘easy‘ run with Wooey down to Rushcutters turned into something quite different. 3 sets of 10 double push-up burpees before we cut the run short directly across the Domain. Weather deteriorated in matter of minutes and so did my enjoyment-level.

Left soaked, shivering and miserably after completing the 12km. With the 6km run to work, it was 18km for the day.

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