Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day

Interrupted day of training with Melbourne Cup work lunch at Sake, The Rocks. This saw my normal HuRTS session (45 min fartlek) substituted for a 6 course fusion Japanese feed. Good for the palette, bad for the training.

Of course I anticipated this and put a twist into my morning commute. I headed down to Blues Point with ad-hoc push-ups added in along the way. Took a few photos before circling around the water past Luna Park (seem to be frequenting this a lot).

Mcmahons Point

By the time I trotted into work, legs felt great, I counted 10×12 push-ups and 11km total.

Normally Tuesday is a punishing day. Without the speed-work I was able jog home (5 min/km pace) and detour via Lane Cove Pool. After a relaxed 50min freestyle and some mild calf cramps, I called the misses to pick me up – no motivation to run in the cold wind.

Evening summary – 9km at 5 min/km plus 2.5km swimming.

Small other bit of good news – came out slightly ahead in the Melbourne Cup but wining the office sweep! I’m a net loser on this event for the last 5 years, but its good to have one win at least.

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