Midweek Miles

Midweek Miles

Heat plus humidity as bad as it was yesterday. Joined Jono for a midday recovery starting at Macquarie offices then down Hickson to CQ. Returned the same route to make 8km.

Per my running OCD, felt the urge to round to the nearest 10. Luckily Wongy popped up on his return from Pyrmont. Headed back again to CQ with Wongy at a slightly faster pace.

This made 11.5km all up at 5:17 min/km.

Later after work, caught up with school and uni mate Benny D; back from 2 years in Berlin. To my surprise he’s a lot leaner having taken up running. Joined BD plus 3 of his mates for an easy one around Hickson (again), across Pyrmont Bridge then through Blackwattle Bay.

Great run, adding another 11km for the day at 5:15 min/km.

Legs quite sore now… Tomorrow rest or recovery.

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