Mixed Bag MLR

Mixed Bag MLR

Possibly had the best sleep in recent memory and opened the eyes 45 minutes late. This, along with the first clear day this week forced me onto the bike to work. Great, crisp morning and I attached the hills on a short 25 min ride. 9km all up.

Headed out at lunch to join the HuRTS crew. Warm-up was 3km from Art Gallery to Reg Bartley Oval. Legs feeling great and there was a temptation to join the 10x400m intervals. Chose to go the sensible approach and took to the hills of Double Bay with Charlie a reasonably relaxed pace.

After another few kms of twists, turns and stairs I rejoined the squad in the final few reps back at the oval. Did 3x400m surges to get the legs turning over and caught up with Ray in the process. Capitalised on the good weather and lack of niggles by joining MC for an extended warm-down around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Opera House.

Run summary – 14.5km at 5:10 min/km. Don’t focus too much on the pace, stop-starts due to stairs etc. Happy with some quality, (1.2km at 3:20 min/km), reasonable elevation change (300m) but probably still light enough be semi-recovery.

Other highlight was discovering Loftus Street – nasty 300m incline from Rushcutters Bay. Will need to return for hill training at some point.

Finished the day off with a very easy 30 min ride back home. DST makes a world of difference.

‘Ride by’ shot from the Harbour Bridge

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