Mostly Splashing

Mostly Splashing

Run-wise, sadly all to report was an easy 8km into the city from Artarmon at 5:30 min/km pace. Legs feeling flat again.

Glad I missed the HuRTS 8x1km session. Temperature at the upper end of ‘acceptable’ and I doubt it would have been fun.

Early evening I headed down to Lane Cove Pool to replace the lack of run mileage. 750m warmup, followed by a pyramid intervals: 50/100/150/200/150/100/50 with 50m recoveries. Covered 2.2km in total and hips felt great after. Session sounds technical but I’m a crap swimmer so it is all slow.

Also I realsied I’ve double booked myself for Saturday morning. Promised the misses to go hiking in the Blue Mountains on Saturday morning – clashes with Sydney Striders.

Classic conundrum … ‘happy wife or one final PB for 2014″. As I sit here typing I get a glare from Lorie… my PB ambitions will need to wait.

Also I want some advice on the best trail runs around Wentworth Falls. I refuse to walk. I’d imagine Charlie, Tucks or Fats would be experts here.

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