Mount Wellington Climb

Mount Wellington Climb

Monday – Mount Wellington

Fought tooth and nail convincing the missus to visit the Mt Wellington pinnacle … that is without car assistance. Food can be a wonderfully powerful bribe.

Easy 12km run through Hobart North before sunrise (7:30am). Why do this? So I would not be tempted to run to the summit of Wellington straight after.

Got back to the hotel, grabbed Lorie and we drove out to Fern Glade Tavern to start the hike. Signs says 5.5 hours return but in the end, it took us 4:30.

Excellent tree cover with a good mix of fire trails, rocky ‘steps’ and just plain old loose rocks as you ascent from zero to 1,200m.

Being let off the leash, I tended to run ahead before back-tracking every 20 min (or so) to make sure my wife not victim to a bear mauling or lying broken on the rocks below. Lucky she kept a good spirit despite being alone for 70% of the climb.

I’d say the last 400m ascent was too hard and technical to run.

Lorie on the ascent

Got to the pinnacle in 2:30ish. You can also drive / cycle to the top via a winding road. This is also the Point to Pinnacle course … one that I should run (November).

Summit of Mt Wellington

Saw a school bus returning to base and contemplated sneaking Lorie in disguised as a child.

Having had enough of rough trails, we jogged down the actual paved road from Pinnacle back to the car. Probably very unwise in hind site (no pedestrian pathway) and turns out it was a REAL shock to Lorie’s poor knees. 8km steady descending does wonders to the legs.

Got back having covered a solid 19km. Lorie could barely walk for the rest of the day (and the two days thereafter).

How did I feel? Tight hips but surprisingly fine given 30km covered for the day and big mileage in the two prior days!

Tuesday – Cornelian Bay

Last morning in Hobart. Left foot, quads, calves all remarkably fine. Hips…still tight.

Still getting used to 7:30am sunrise, meaning my run along the bike track north was in pitch black. Turned at Cornelian Bay before deciding to head back. Worked against the clock on the return as the street parking outside the hotel expires at 8:30!

12km all up in 65 min. This was a precursor to another (not so) solid brunch at Pidgeon Hole Cafe before driving up to Swansea, near Freycinet National Park.

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