New Addition – Molly

New Addition – Molly

We’ve been looking for a new addition to the family. Kid or puppy…. well I’ve agreed to the later only for now. Puppies are cheaper and you can kick them outside if they misbehave (I think).

Wife has been particularly keen for a cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles / Poodle) for about 12 months now.

Lorie jumped on a gumtree ad and found 3 year old Molly to adopt. Long story short, the family is moving o/s and we picked her up from Bondi yesterday. Perfect age where she’s already trained, but still got a good decade left.

Considered renaming her to something food related, but Molly works well.


The hope is now I have a running companion. Not sure Cavoodles are a running dog, but my aspiration is a double bay run (14km) at 5min/km.

Will give the dog a test run this weekend.

Lunch run
On the running front today, just a solo effort at lunch. Dying to get out after a string of lunch meetings this last 2 weeks. Headed out to Garden Island and return to make 10km. Added some push-ups and dips to work the shoulders.

Pace was about 5:15 min/km. Lightning fast. No signs of foot pain today which is great!

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