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Nice little picture along Glebe on my walk into the city at 6am.

City from Glebe

Tuesday normally synonymous with pain, but I’m giving myself this week and next before recommencing speed. It was a good decision to avoid 4x10min intervals in horribly humid lunch conditions whilst avoiding serious man-traffic around the Cove. .

Instead, I ventured out with Wooey back around Hickson before heading out around Darling Harbour. Great run, easy pace and mirrors the 10km track we covered last week. Looking to get back into the swing of things next week perhaps…

2nd run for the day was back home. Somewhat guilt fuels (from an easy lunch run). Covered 6km at 4 min/km with a bag. Call it a slow tempo progressing to a large home-cooked meal.

5km or so cycle into work. Almost spend more time changing and showering than in the saddle….

Headed down with Chris H from work to the North. Hot again, but the breeze was welcome. We shout out to Blue’s Point before returning along the piers through Luna Park.

I almost feel sorry for the millionaires living in the Milsons Point apartments dealing with screaming kids (all day long). A short 8km all up – CH does not deal well with hills.

Nice and easy day…a good chance to rest the legs.

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