North Shore Hills

North Shore Hills

Moved my usual Sunday LR forward purely out of sheer enjoyment for running. Had to drag myself to the North Shore all before 9am so the HuRTS C2S run was a no-go.

Coming off a solid 5 days of mileage with two ‘quality‘ sessions, I’m pretty buggered. Not enough though to stop me from punishing the quads with some hills. Gold Coast has made them complacent.

Felt pretty flat until 5km circling the Bay Run. Happy with how the legs warmed up as I crossed North via Gladesville Bridge and up into Lane Cove.

Any elevation I surged (4 min/km) and the flats/downhill I eased back. Counted maybe 5 ascents (Gladesville, Lane Cove Road, River Road etc) before my quads started to turn to rubber.

Eased the pace back in the last few kms as the watch ticked over 90m. Called it a day at my folk’s place in Artarmon, by which point a huge DIY omelette was consumed. Better than Bowery Lane.

25km all up in 2:09 at 5:09 min/km. A tidy 500m odd elevation. 

Good views per shots below…

Bay Run at 6:15am

Gladesville Bridge at 6:45am…

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