Northbridge Trails then The Ponds

Northbridge Trails then The Ponds

Saturday – Northbridge Trails
5 hours sleep not enough to dull my enthusiasm for a 6:45am start with Bryan. Kicked off at Artarmon Station and headed down the back streets of Northbridge. Heat picked up quickly and the trails starting at the gold course provided great respite. This brought us to Tunks park, where at Bryan’s request we did a short monkey bar session.

Tunks Park in Northbridge near the water

Cut through the park onto some incredible little trails that line a small creek, before winding up the stairs to cycle paths around Willoughby Leisure Centre area. Finished back at the station with my watch saying 18km all up.

Out in the Hills district in the pm and joined Lorie for another 6km. She runs at 6 min/km pace so it’s all easy, not to mention pancake flat paths. Threw in 10×10 push-ups and 3×15 dips, generally using any bus stop I passed as the catalyst

24km all up for the day.

Sunday – The Ponds
Meandered my way through Kellyville, The Ponds and Quakers Hill. Basically aimlessly wandered around observing the ridiculous levels of urban sprawl out in Sydney’s NW. Half this area used to be farmland; not it is just endless identical looking houses ,,, no greenery, no character.

Had to run naked (watch still broken) – but I must have been out there for 100min. Safe to say 18km all up. Legs a lot fresher today.

So this could be my worst ever attempt at a cut-back week. Tuesday and Thursday each involved some quality, but not 100%. First 5 days I felt incredibly flat, but weekend much better.

140km all up.

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