One Man Tri

One Man Tri

Day 1 of recovery week starting with a short cycle to work – uneventful and I much prefer running.

Joined up with Jono Low at Hickson wharves during lunch for an easy recovery. Ended up crossing paths with 15 or so HuRTS runners at the turnaround point (7.5km into their run). He’s been talking up a run plan of 90-100km within 2 weeks. Off a 30km base, I guess he think’s the 10% rule is add 10% per day…good luck to that.

Jono was intent on a painfully slow 5:15 pace, so by the time we left the wharves (3km on the return), a 300m gap emerged to a 15-strong HuRTS group clocking 4:40s. Jono dropped off at Hyatt leaving myself and Ray (who was also a straggler) to chase. Not ideal for a recovery but 2.5km at an uncomfortable 4 min pace was enough. We caught them on the Cove and the pace backed off.

Finished the last 3km with Ray, MC, James and two others. Group of 15 had shrunk to 5 by that stage. Frankly I was glad it was over after 12km. Leg’s didn’t feel great at all – niggles everywhere, lingering weekend fatigue and stinking hot weather.

My ITB really started tightening up on the ride home. I battled huge cross-winds, legs that felt like leg, and dust in the eyes the whole way. Did NOT enjoy.

As planned I headed down to Lane Cove for 2km easy freestyle in the evening. It’s like magic on tight hips, really loosens them up instantly.

Daily summary – double cycle commute (or 18km), 12km run at 5 min/km pace, 2km swim.

Considering doing just 20min of the HuRTS session tomorrow. Will see how I feel.

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