Outrun Cancer Update

Outrun Cancer Update

The HuRTS are currently battling it out in a 24 hour treadmill run to support Outrun Cancer.

All about raising funds/awareness for the connection between BMI, activity, diet and cancer.

The setup is in Martin Place running from 8:30am today. My two sessions of 30 min were locked in weeks ago (10:30am Thursday, 6:30am Friday).

The goal is for us to do 2:20 marathons (x2). Being the 5th slot, I had this pleasure for the first marathon.

Got out in a chilled mid-morning down to MP and CT was battling away for his 2nd set! Quetin helped me work out how to operate the machine. It’s a standing start with the treadmill max of 20km/hr (3 min/km).

Easy enough, so off I went at 19km/hr (3:08 ish) with 4.5km to cover to the imaginary marathon (42.2km). I managed to step it up for 7 min to 20km/hr (3 min/km)!

Got to that mark at 2:14 (14 min into my set); 6 min ahead of plan. Great result but frankly it was the likes of Quentin, CT, Barts that did the work.

The remaining 16 min was tough, but I stayed above 19 km/hr. Didn’t want to drop the ball for marathon 2 attempt. Did a slow warm-down once the clock hit 30 min; quads were dead!

9.6km in 30 min. #2 behind Quentin, who did 9.8km.

Managed to swing by later in the day twice, first to see Conway then after work to see Jordon.

Charlie, Conway and I

The update at 5:30pm thanks to Matt Kaley is:

– Barts – 9.4km
– CT – 9.2km then 9.2km
– Quentin – 9.8km
– Ho – 9.6km
– Andy – 9.2km
– Crossy – 9.1km
– Tucks – 9.4km
– Lindop – 8.4km then 7.9km
– James – 8.4km
– Champ 8.3
– J O’L – 9.0km then 9.3km
– Conway – 8.0km
– Crossy – 9.1km
– Highnam – 9.4km

I’m on for 6:30am tomorrow. Not looking forward to it!

Need to also confess I jogged into work and back home; albeit it very slowly.

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