Pancakes and Playgrounds

Pancakes and Playgrounds

No I sadly did not have pancakes today.

Morning run was out in the Kellyville area. If you love sprawling, monotonous suburbia with pancake flat paths, this is the place for you. I ended wandering around lost through Rouse Hill Cemetery, The Ponds and Quaker’s Hill. Ridiculous that half these properties were full of sheep 3 years ago.

I do consider Saturday’s an occasional semi-quality day. This means a progressive MLR moving to tempo, or an MLR with 1km surges. Today I battled to hold 5 min pace and felt not urge to push. It was much more satisfying to simply enjoy the scenery.

Stumbling next to swamps at 6am

I even stopped to stretch in a kid’s playground, spotted a slide and gave it a go. Embarrassingly it’s designed for someone 4 ft tall and I ended up flat on my back.

Pancake flats of the west

By 20km I was certainly ready to throw in the towel. Temperature had really started to pick-up along with very sticky humidity. I noticed some soreness in the upper left foot again, similar to where it was two weeks ago.

Run summary: 20km at 5:15 min/km pace. Really no elevation change.

How do I feel? Well I can admit accumulated fatigue from three big weeks. Circling back to Charlie D’s advice, ‘it’s time for a cut-back week’. Tomorrow maybe no long-run, but substitute swim instead. Plan is to freshen up for next week’s Striders 10km at Lane Cove. It’s a hilly course but that suits my style.

Evening update – did a short 2km barefoot recovery before jumping into the backyard pool.

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