Too scared to venture out at 6am in pitch black particularly with no footpath infrastructure. Also how can you enjoy 27 degrees 100pc humidity? So I headed to the gym out of morbid curiosity. Machine of choice the dreadmill. 

To be clear time stands still. 1k on a conveyer belt staring out the window is the mental equivalent of 2k outside. 

Run summary – 1 degree step up every 1k up to 6k at 4.30s, then held that for another 3k at a steady 4.20s. I think the clock hit 40 min before I ran out of body fluid to sweat out. Probably a quality set in that It replicates a grind up a long long hill. 9k all up. 

Joined dad for a 20 min beach jog about 45 min later. The sand was so course it put some nasty blisters into the feet. It was nice to be outside but by then I was quite dehydrated.


Assisted by google maps, I ventured out into the Penang back streets. No money, no light and a tough 28 degrees in the same mucky conditions. You can’t stick to the Main Street as there is no paths and many crazy motor cycles around blind bends.

Found a good 500m stretch at a dead end, near the foothills. So it was 4K warm up, then an ad hoc 6x1k reps out and back at marathon pace. Totally unplanned of course. Allowed myself a 90s float to recover. Given the tropical conditions, I needed it!

Splits: 3.34, 3.32, 3.35, 3.38, 3.32, 3.28

Blisters started to bother me so I basically walked back. 60 min all up covering 11-12k of actual running. Quads slightly tired, but ankle joints are better than earlier this week. I swear 3.30s feels like 5k race pace. Now I understand why there are no decent Malaysian marathoners.

Back at the hotel I added an easy 20 min freestyle. Fantastic. Came out slightly dizzy as I’m sure I lost 3L body fluid from the run swim combo.

Relined the stomach with noodle soup for breakfast. Crab nugget.

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