Poor Man’s Tempo

Poor Man’s Tempo

Second straight day running northwards to work, this time through St Leonards and down Pacific Highway. Kept the pace very relaxed at 5:30 min/km pace and covered just short of 9km, all before 7am.

Running through The Rocks

I now always prioritise Tuesday lunch HuRTS sessions, which are quality workouts for anything between 10km and marathon.  Unfortunately with a 1pm lunch meet, I missed out on the 4×10 min intervals. Rather, I strung together a somewhat ‘poor man’s‘ progressive tempo. 5 min easy, 20 min ‘slow but progressive’, 10 min ‘threshold’ and final 10 min ‘wind back‘ to Marathon pace.

The 10 min threshold was the first set of the HuRTS session, so I got a brief chance to catch up with MC and crazy few back from Melbourne marathon after 2 days! Tried to stick behind a bloke running alone out front at faster than 3:15 min/km pace – unbelievable. Later found out he’s got a 31 min 10km time.

Splits peaked at around my 10km pace. Last 10 min was more motivated by getting to my meeting rather than extending the tempo from 35 to 45 min.

Run summary – 12km at 4:05 min/km.

Semi-planned 45min tempo

Legs were pretty wrecked by the evening. Still managed to not-entirely embarrass myself in our evening touch footy game down at Artarmon oval. Basically it is 30 min of stop-start sprinting.

Game low-light was not losing 0-9, but being side-stepped (then out sprinted) by a guy best described by the following: top-heavy, pot-belly, min 100kg, but skinny legs that offered incredible burst acceleration.

As an aside, well done to all those that raced Melbourne. Some incredibly strong times. From what I heard three sub 2:40s and multiple sub 3 hour efforts.

Pain gauge up to 7. Niggle in the right knee, sore left arch.

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