Pre-Storm Double

Pre-Storm Double

I’ve had a quick think about the training plan, assuming no injury:

5 weekdays totaling 70-75km:

  • 3 commute runs to work and return (say 3x16km)
  • 1 speed session (say 12-14km) – HuRTS
  • Optional MLR or base miles (say 10-15km) 

Weekends to add another 35-40km:

  • Saturday MLR (15km+) or second speed session (10km)
  • Sunday LR (25km+)

This would put weekly mileage around 105-115km with a reasonable amount of quality. Key is also to ensure hills feature in recovery + LRs. Tuesday HuRTs can always be substituted for Thursday.

Circling back to today’s runs, I did battle some serious early morning leg stiffness. Let’s join the dots – more-than-normal cycling (say 20% contribution), 30km Sunday LR with hills (70% contribution), old-age (10% contribution).

Weather was great in the morning – 8km recovery across the bridge. I show this because by late afternoon, sky was pitch black with thunderstorms.

View from the Bridge!

Pondered whether to run at lunch or back home after work. Made the right call in joining AMB and Wooey (both from work) for an easy out and back 10km. Run started at the Rocks, circled Mrs Macquarie’s Chair before heading out to Garden Island. Covered 10km at 5:15 min/km pace. Leg’s felt a lot better than from the morning

Happy I skipped the run home, because by that time it was absolutely bucketing.

Daily summary – 18km, all at easy pace. Legs stiff, some mild soreness under right knee cap (standard niggle, expect this to disappear)

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