Progressive HuRTS Centennial

Progressive HuRTS Centennial

Had a huge Ethiopian type feast with Lewis and Lorie out at Marylands last night. Felt the part and equally being 3 weeks out from GC, today in theory should be the key long run.

Centennial again for a 7am kick off. 11km banked before I joined a dozen HuRTS runners including Enda, Bruce, CT, JFen, Steve.

Tough work today. Straight away 4:30s for the first 10km lap. Caught up with CT who has now dropped his 2:30s marathon aspirations at GC. Shame.

Once we finished lap one, JF, Bruce, Steve and I kicked on harder. I felt OK considering this is now four 140km plus weeks in a row. Plan was to finish with a flurry, so I progressed slowly towards 3:35 min/km circling the picket fence 2.5 times. Welcomed the company in JFen and Lambert for half of this.

32km came round and I called it a day. By then all I could think about was eggs. Hence it was a slow 5km jog to Kepos Street Kitchen in Redfern to meet Lorie for brunch. What a great reward.

8km segment splits (25-32km) – 4:03, 3:58, 3:52, 3:52, 3:44, 3:44, 3:41, 3:37

Run summary – 37km in 2:46, or 4:26 min/km average pace. 

Happy to add some speed in today’s LR. My legs did NOT enjoy the final 3:40s split. If I race GC properly, I’ll need to rethink my GC pacing strategy.

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