Pyrmont Spring Recovery

Pyrmont Spring Recovery

Out early on the bike, but today the weather was incredible. As always a short-ride to work. in the absence of doing much running yesterday, I did attack the hills (Cremorne, Harbour Bridge) a touch more aggressively. Saying that, a 9km cycle commute is a poor excuse for training.

Took a quick shot descending down Observatory Hill in the city. It’s a popular place for boot camps any time of the day. Somewhere I should probably try to do some cross training.

Descend down Observatory Hill

Headed out at lunch for a recovery run with Woey from work. Yes I know I am suppose to be cross-training only – the weather simply too good. Lunch runs really do help break up what would otherwise be 12 hours sitting at a desk.

Started at Circular Quay, circled the piers around Walsh Bay before extending the run through Darling Harbour and Pyrmont. A 6km recovery turned into 10km quite easily.

Run summary – 10km at 5:45 min/km

No real signs of foot soreness, but frankly it does not take much to flare up. Looking forward to a run into work tomorrow.

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