Recovering on Hills

Recovering on Hills

I’ve typically used Fridays as a cross-training day or simply rest.

With the high mileage plan its now moved into an easy day of generally 6-9k at 6min pace. Still considering Matt’s plan to use Saturdays as a 2nd speed day. Seems a good idea as my body
cannot cope with back to back HURTs sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.

Kicked the day off with an easy 9km through the back of Artarmon cycle path, along Crows Nest before the crossing the harbour bridge.

In the evening I broke my golden easy Friday rule and set out exploring the east side of the freeway that runs from North Sydney to Northbridge.

Big mistake – ‘Cheat jog’ turned into a poor man’s hill session covering 9km with 200m elevation gain.

Going to set up a fatigue factor score going forward:

Fatigue Score (FS)
1 – 2 race ready
4 – 6 able to get through a speed / LR with difficulty
7 – 8 post a tough interval session or back to back LRs
9 – 10 injury flag, don’t run

FS 5. Possible foot discomfort but largely quads feel flat.

Daily total 18km, all easy but some quality hills.

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