Increasingly realising how unstructured my running plan is. Basically I just wing it day to day. This is probably fine for now, but need some guidance if I am to make any further PB gains.

Monday – with Molly 
I took Molly out for the 2nd time in 3 days. Naturally a 10km Bay Run turned into a perimeter run around Birkenhead and Drummoyne. This tends to happen when my legs loosen up. Felt the ‘drag’ in the legs of a nasty Saturday massage plus a 35km run on Sunday. 2km was spent on King George’s Oval barefoot.

Covered 17km at 5:45 min/km. Impressed that Molly has done 40km in 3 days!

Tuesday – Recovery
Lunch run only today. Saw the HuRTS knocking out 8×5 min intervals, but no signs of the faster guys aside from Tucks. I trotted along at 5:45 min/km with Wooey and Renee around Farm Cove and Domain.

Renee dropped off first at 5km, but not before giving a great run-down of her 6th place racing (on bike) out West yesterday. I did a mini out and back just past CQ to round the run to 10km. A true recovery. Honestly the soreness top of my right foot along the bone is a concern. Reflects the heavy last three weeks.

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